March 29, 2012

Letting Go of the Illusion of Control

“That nothing is static or fixed, that all is fleeting and impermanent, is the first mark of existence. It is the ordinary state of affairs. Everything is in process. Everything—every tree, every blade of grass, all the animals, insects, human beings, buildings, the animate and the inanimate—is always changing, moment to moment.”   Pema Chodron Some years ago I had […]
March 22, 2012

Envy, Jealousy, Resentment – The "Comparison" Emotions at Work

This article gets lots of hits. In the five + years since it was published, its always in the day’s top views. At times I wonder though – should I be pleased about this – or concerned? Granted, envy, jealousy and resentment are three very powerful feelings. Even the Bible mentions them. Envy and jealousy  are two of the Seven […]
March 15, 2012

How Emotion Shapes Decision Making

There is little disagreement that effective decision-making is one of the most important tasks we must master to achieve success in every part of life. If we were to take a survey in the average workplace to poll what people believed was most needed for effective decision-making, which of these do you think would top the list? Factual information? Risk […]
March 7, 2012

Women are Leading But Where’s the Power?

It’s March 8th and I’m celebrating International Women’s Day. While I recognize March as Women’s Month every year, I find myself particularly interested in the cause of women’s progress this year. Perhaps it’s because I feel passionate about the attack on women’s rights that has rallied the cause for women this year in the U.S. Many states are targeting repressive, […]
March 1, 2012

What Does Your Work Mean to You?

I’m celebrating the 100th post I’ve published with this look at the meaning of work.  It’s a challenging task because what we call work has changed dramatically in the last generation. Just as when the factory was born, the technological revolution and globalization of the last thirty years is transforming work and its meaning. Work is still essentially defined as […]